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This activity can be added to the beginning of a SharePoint Designer 2007 workflow to pause the workflow until the item is no longer checked out (soft or hard checkout).

I needed to write this activity when I developed my first InfoPath form solution. It was a client form (opens in InfoPath, not in the browser). I had a SPD workflow attached to the form to run every time the form changed. Well, the workflow would error because it thought the form was checked out. So I was constantly having to terminate the workflows that errored and re-run them manually (not good).

This happens because Microsoft Office communicates with SharePoint and informs SharePoint that the form is opened - this creates a "soft" checkout. Putting this activity at the beginning of your SPD workflow will pause the workflow until the soft checkout is released, meaning the form is closed. It may take up to 5 minutes for it to recognize the checkout has been released due to the fact that the SharePoint timer job runs every 5 mins by default.

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